Hai peoples :3
I'm Ashee and I'm 15 years young. I am bisexual and I self harm. I DO NOT SUPPORT SELF HARMING. I have another blog more into that. zebrawarpaintgirl.
I love music. It keeps me going in life. My friends are amazing, but I honestly wouldn't have been alive to meet them if it weren't for music. My faves are:
Falling in Reverse
Motionless in White
Avril Lavigne
Tokio Hotel
One Direction
Miley Cyrus
My Chemical Romance
Demi Lovato
Of Mice and Men
All Time Low
Green Day
and Adam Lambert.
I reblog them a lot.. Don't unfollow me if I randomly spam with one celeb DX I'm just bored when I do it.
I also reblog gay and lesbian couples. I find them adorable<3
I instagram a lot of pictures of me in my warpaint for school aand I hope that doesn't bother anyone.
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me trying to do math is like me trying to lose weight, it just doesnt work out


i get very personally offended when people don’t find my celebrity crush to be attractive 

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